The real history and meaning of the ancient Kamasutra is something every Indian should know. Kamsutra can teach you amazing skills to completely satisfy your partner and keep the relationship happy and healthy.

Kamasutra isn't just about sex; it's also one of the most misinterpreted pieces of ancient Indian literature. There are a number of causes for this misunderstanding, the most common of which is due to faulty or inadequate translations of the original kamsutra by western scholars. They didn't comprehend true Indian culture or its depths, instead of focusing on the sexual union aspect and showing the world synopsis of the Kamasutra book with illustrations, which is only one element of this great old Indian literature.

The Kamsutra book was much more than just a sex instruction manual; it described the entire Kama. How to live a fulfilling life on all levels, incorporating balanced Dharma, Artha, and the Kama. It describes the kama on multiple levels, including physical, social (samajik), and soundarya.

When was Kamasutra really written?

Though the ancient traces of kamashastra are far older than this, the kamsutra that we see today was written by Mallanaga Vatsyayana somewhere between 351 A.D. and 375 A.D. and he belonged to the city Nagarak (in the south of Gujarat) (proven with archaeological and historical proofs by Dr. Prakash Kothari, the other data we see on the internet about Vatsayana is misleading)

Kamasutra and women empowerment

Let me tell you a fascinating fact, Kamsutra is a book that has been written pretty long back and yet it talks about empowering women and providing sex education to all, not just men. it talks about teaching females about these arts too, and by art, I don't mean simply sexual art, but everything according to the requirements (at the time) from the very basic household things to very sophisticated arts, like from decorating the house to learning about metals and expensive stones to sexual pleasure to signing, dancing to discussing different philosophy and more. isn't it amazing? However, no one discusses it in this light.

I'm not sure why, but our true history is being ignored in our own country; but, you and I, working together, can bring about the change that is required, the change that is known as showing and discussing the truth.

Kamasutra and inclusion of all three Genders:

The Kamasutra mentions not only males and females but also a third gender known as Tritiya shreni (the third gender), implying that persons who were not male or female were not considered sinful. They held the respected position in society as everyone else at that time, which is something that our present society needs to learn: life is about more than gender.

I'd like you to know that this was the time when Ganika’s was a very wonderful element of the system (Ganika or courtesan, or with what we compare them today is a prostitute). They were more than just a conduit for paid sex; a ganika's home or location was much more. They were the type of place where people went for amusement, and entertainment didn't only mean sexual pleasure; it also included things like singing, dancing, and music.

We had a very well-developed system, that too thousands of years ago, to provide necessary rights and a respected environment to ganika's when modern civilizations had just started talking about their lives as sex workers. (Imagining such a well-crafted, deeply established society gives me goosebumps.)


There are many books on the subject of love, different in different countries but the most detailed and magnificent is the Indian Sanskrit literature Kamasutra. It consists of seven books and thirty-six parts containing 1250 shlokas or verses.

In Modern history, Kamasutra got into light when Ananga Ranga by Kalyanamalla was translated into English and the author of Ananga Ranga constantly refers to Vatsyayana in his writing.

(Ananga Ranga is another Indian writing on the topic of love and human sexuality, which was written somewhere around the 15th - 16th Century)

The Kamsutra is believed to be a treasure in any Sanskrit library but it was really hard to obtain this work (as we already discussed the distortion of Indian literature by multiple invaders). Copies of this were collected from the library of Bombay, Jaipur, Banaras, Calcutta, and more, and all the copies were compared and worked on and this is how we get the traces of this ancient literature, as we see it today.

The work of Kamsutra is not to be used only as a tool to gratify our wishes.. A person acquainted with the true principles of this science, who preserves his Dharma, his Artha, and his Kama, and who regards the customs of the people, is sure to obtain mastery over his senses. In short, an intelligent and knowing person who attends Dharma, Artha, and kama, without becoming the slave of his desires only, will obtain success in everything he may do.

Dharma: Virtue, religious merit (must be learned from Shruti and Vedas)

Artha: Worldly wealth (Can be learned from those who are versed in the practice of commerce)

Kama: is the enjoyment of the five senses and it should be learnt from Kamashastra

Why a Modern Kamasutra is Needed?

When it comes to Erotica, love, human sexuality basically the art of living, there is no text close to Kamasutra, our ancient literature is the ultimate, but it was written 2000 years ago. When Vatsayanana wrote the Kamasutra the structure of society was different in many contexts like communication, connectivity, thinking, and more.

For example, the communication of lovers at that time was majorly through signs only (as there was no social media or WhatsApp), so the whole art of seeing him/her for the first time, exchanging signs to make it possible for a secret meeting is not needed today. But yes, surely this art of secret language/ signs can be used by today’s lovers to spice up their sex life in many ways like teasing or taking the partner on a virtual journey of romance and erotica through imagination.

So a blend of a modern touch along with the magnificent Kamasutra is what we need today for a better-satisfied bedroom life, for a healthy living, for the complete satisfaction, and isn’t it what we all are looking for?

So, what is the significance of the Kamasutra today?

For young lovers: to learn how to give true pleasure to their partner or partners.

For a long-married couple: To retain or rekindle the spark, to understand psychology, the body, and the mind. To discover the methods for igniting passion.

To have a satisfying life, adults should learn kamsutra, which is an art and science, because every part of a relationship is vital, even the physical. One should learn how to be attractive to a spouse and work on it. If you don't know how to make love, you should learn so that you can keep both yourself and your spouse happy. From Kamasutra you can learn all these skills starting from attracting the partner to completely satisfying them in bed, and don’t you want that??

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