The real ancient Indian Kamasutra

Indian Kamasutra is one of the most misunderstood ancient indian literature which lost it’s real meaning and impact mostly due to the invasions our India faced from 11th century till the British brutality and also while doing it’s the translation from Sanskrit to English by so-called western scholars. Either they didn’t understand it properly and just focused on it’s one part or willingly they propagate a different face of this magnificent writing as per their ideology without understanding the real Indian deep-rooted culture in depth.

Join my hand and let’s go on a journey to know our real history, to know the real kamasutra book. The kamsutra which we see today was written by mallanaga vatsyayana in somewhere between 351 A.D - 375 A.D and he belonged to a city Nagarak (in south of Gujrat) (Proven with archaeological and historical proofs by Dr, Prakash kothari, the other data we see on internet about Vatsayana is misleading) though the ancient traces of kamashastra are far older than this ( I will write another article to show the complete cycle of it)

Kama dosent mean sex only, and kamasutra is not just a sex manual, now wait don’t loose your interest. definitely you can learn a lot about sex from it but sex is just a part, the real Kamasutra is about living a fulfilling life, exploring life at it’s fullest and yes amazing sex is a part of that.

So basically at the beginning, three purusharth were told to live a good life: *Dharma (Moksha was a part of Dharma only)

Artha Kama

Today we are going to focus on Kama only, to understand it in a better way it can be subcategorized into 4 parts:

  1. Physical level : Samprayogik is the part into the writing of Vatsyayana which explains this. It is all about the physical pleasure one seeks (Sharirik santushti)
  2. Samajik level : This part is about the social structure, getting married, making children and taking the human race forward
  3. Soundarya : This is all about the aesthetic, the gem of ancient India like sangeet, naratya (dance), Poem and more
  4. (Our ancient culture was so uplifted that they saw everything as it was, like courtesans had a respectful place in the society, it was not just about prostetution, the word which we use today. Courtesans were a great bridge or we can say connection between the society and the saundarya (will learn more about it in further articles)

  5. Diviene : Bhakti, the ultimate form.

Kamasutra book talks about the first three and the best part is that it is not just theoretical, it’s about doing it, practicing it in a balanced way for fulfillment of kama. Click here to check Kamasutra book summary with pictures

The ancient erotic art we see on some of our temples like

And the list goes on, it is not about nudism (like portrayed in a wrong way by some people) it is all about seeing life as it really is and yes a certain level of human intellect is needed to understand it, which is hard to find in such people those who demean it.

Due to all this distortion of such magnificent indian culture what people are searching for today is “kamasutra book summary with pictures” (as per Google search), just keen into sex not the real juice of it.

Let me tell you a mind blowing fact: Kamsutra is the book which talks about empowering women since old ages, which talk about giving sex education. It talks about teaching females as well about these arts and by art i don’t mean just sexual, everything as per the requiremnt (of that time being), isn’t it amazing? But nobody talks about it this way.

Don’t know why but somehow our real history is sidelined in our own country, but not anymore, you and I together, can bring that change which is needed, the change which is called showing and talking about the truth.

Kamasutra book teaches to maintain a balance between all three Dharma, artha, kama. It says that due to one the other should not suffer (specially due to kama the remaining two shouldn't suffer, which we are seeing on a very large scale in today's society). For females It clearly says that before marriage Kamashastra and the other education should be given at the fathers house and after marriage at the husband's home, it even specifies how and who should give this education to young girls, including sex education. So not just talking about it but giving the real practical methods to make it happen. Talking about the 64 arts which should be taught, and that includes from the very basic household things to very sophisticated arts like sangeet, dance, philosophy and many more.

Whatever is mentioned in kamsutra is clearly visible in our ancient society, they are not just mere talks, in Indian literature you see vasavadatta or kadambari, you will see how profound and skillful ancient females were.

There is still a lot to talk about like how to chosoe a girl for marriage, how should the male attracts the female he likes, how to make love to her, how to satisfy your partner in bedroom, how to overcome the sexual fear or issues and the list goes on.

I am surely going to bring it all for you, just stay tuned with me and wait for the next article, together we will explore it all.

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