Kamasutra and different types of sex partner

Kamasutra and different types of sex partner

In this series of articles on kamasutra this 4th article is about the sexual union and its type. Undoubtedly kamasutra book is one of the best to get the sex education for adults, which is practical and can completely transform a person’s bedroom life, and as we all know a happy and satisfactory bedroom life is a critical point for a happy relationship.

When you don’t know about your own body, you don’t know about the opposite sex, it becomes difficult to please your partner, also your own satisfaction is affected by that, how? Just keep reading and you will get to know that with logic and biological facts.

Kamsutra suggests that man and woman can be divided into three classes as per the size of the lingam (Penis) and the depth of Yoni (Vagina)

Man Woman
Shasha: The Hare Mrigi: Female Deer
Vrisha: The Bull Vadava: A Mare
Ashwa: The Horse Hastini: Female Elephant

Now as you observe from top to bottom the Size of the penis increases so does the depth of the Vagina. There could be a total of nine unions out of which 3 are equal and 6 are unequal.

Equal unions are the best, the most difficult in the context of satisfaction is Horse with Deer and Hare with Elephant. Now, this is the reason one should know about his/her own body and about the partners so that they can practically see the combination and work according to that, and not just body it goes further. The problem is not with the category you lie in, but the bigger issue is that not knowing that where exactly you stand, and then going with the best possibility.

To understand this better let’s take an example of a couple as horse and Deer combination. Now here the male is having a very big size and the female is having a vagina of small depth, now if the male is not aware of the concept he will try to do a complete thrusting which can hurt the female badly, making the sexual experience painful resulting in not satisfactory sex for both. But, if they are aware of this union concept or they have the proper sex education, the male can go for shallow thrusting, or as a couple, they can opt certain position where the depth of penetration can be managed by the female like a cowgirl position, this way the female won’t hurt and it will be a pleasant experience for both.

Kamsutra also talks about the union as per passion or carnal desires

Category Description
Small passion The desire of sexual union is not great
Middling passion Neither passionate nor indifferent
Intense passion A person having great intensity for sex, highly excited person.

Man and woman both are categorized like this into the context of passion, a total of 9 unions are possible here. Kamsutra suggests different methods to bridge the passion gap between the two partners.

To understand the context let’s take an example of a man with Intense passion and a female partner with a small passion. Now this couple would face issues as the male would like to have sex and the female won’t feel such desire, now if they don’t have the right sex education and proper understanding the male would feel that the female is giving a baseless excuse to not have sex and the female will see the same situation in a very different context, like, why he is always looking for sex? Is it all about sex only? and this will cause problems in the relationship.

Now with a proper understanding of what they can do is, when the male feels the desire to go physical and he knows that his partner is of low desire, he must burn that desire within her with proper foreplay. It can be passionate kissing, breast play, or maybe cunnilingus (oral pleasure over vagina) or all, but like this, they both will be on the same page.

This way the kamasutra book can help you a lot with your relationship.

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Kamsutra also talks about union on the basis of sexual timing

There are three kinds of men and women based on time:

Short timed

Moderate time

Long timed

But there is a difference in the thoughts on females here. It is said that woman feels a certain kind of pleasure that gives them satisfaction but find it impossible to explain it. There are different shloka mentioned in Kamasutra on this.

“By union with men, the desire, the lust or the passion of women is satisfied and the pleasure derived from the consciousness of it, is called their satisfaction”

Kamsutra also says:

“The emission of semen, which marks the end of sexual union, provides the man with the release of his long-sought pleasure, a woman however enjoys the union throughout. When they both are satisfied, then they wish for discontinuance of sexual intercourse”

The consciousness of pleasure for man and woman is different. When experiencing the sexual union for the first time, the passion of the male is intense but his timing is low, within the same night for the second time for the male the intensity of passion will decrease but his timing will increase. For females, it is totally opposite, for the first time her passion might be weak, but her timing will be prolonged, but on the subsequent union the same night her passion will increase and time will get short.

This is just the beginning of the marvelous ancient literature of Kamasutra, in my upcoming articles we will learn more about it so stay tuned with me.

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