How Kamasutra can make your sex life amazing.

Why is Kamasutra important? What’s its significance with today’s modern world? Is it relatable with today’s society? How can it help you? Can it improve your relationship and bedroom life?

The answer to this is a big YES. Yes Kamasutra is very significant even after hundreds of years, surely it can revolutionize anyone's relationship or bedroom life. Let me help you with all of your questions one by one.

That’s true not everything mentioned in Kamsutra is relatable today, the society has changed a lot and we need not to go for everything mentioned in kamasutra book but surely a lot of things are pure gold mentioned by ancient Indian scholars which can be immensely useful for you and me, for modern day lovers.

Let me tell you a mind blowing fact here: What Master and Johnson (William H. Masters and Virginia E. Johnson - the pioneer of human sexuality in the modern world) proposed in their world famous paper/ research on human sexuality in around 1966 has been already taught by Mallanga Vatsayanana way back in somewhere between 351 A.D to 375 A.D. Yes, that true my dear.

For a better fulfilling relationship Master and Johnson proposed that sexual intimacy should be built slowly, especially in the cases where the male is suffering from Premature ejaculation, One should go step by step. The same thing has been stated by Vatsayananan that the male should not go for the sexual intercouse the very first night after marriage (We need to understand this that in those days sex before marriage was not very common). He should wait and slowly build up the relationship (both emotional and physical), which is going to do good for both of them. It’s going to allow the couple to connect on a deeper level, emotionally and surely with this the physical intimacy also blooms.

So why Kamasutra is important?

For the young lovers: to know the real ways to please their partner or partner’s.

For a long time married couple: To keep the spark alive or to regain it, to know the psychology, the body and the mind. To learn the way;s to ignite passion.

Sometimes I feel a modern day Kamsutra is much needed, taking the learning and reference from the ancient Kamasutra book with a modern touch could be a game changer for millions of people out there.

For example: At those times, there was no whatsapp or messenger, so broadly Sign language with certain other tools were used by lovers to communicate their message, in today’s society it looks useless but just think about it the other way. You and your lover making up a secret language/signs to spice up your love life, like you giving a sign for a certain amazing love making experience of you two, and then using it to trigger or tease your partner while in public, just imagine that rush he/she gonna have when you touches those steamy memories of you two and the fun part is only you two gonna understand what is happening. There are immense possibilities, you can make a secret language for your fantasy and it can be used the same way to trigger certain things.

for example your partner have a fantasy to do steamy office sex, you make up your secret language for it, next time you two are at some workplace you just trigger him/her with your secret language tool. If you work at different places, just send a picture of a work table or so to your partner and say, think you and I are doing it here. OH God!! I hope you can imagine the rush he/she is going to have with this simple yet erotic thing, now imagine how much sexual tension will build up between you two, till the time you gonna meet next, how exciting it gonna be th next time due to this trigger, just imagine.

Young people should study kamsutra, it’s arts and science before marriage to live a fulfilling life, because every aspect of a relationship is important, and yes physical is equally important. one must know how to be attractive to the partner, one should work on that. One must know the art of love making, if you don’t know you must learn so that you can keep you as well as your partner satisfied. if you want to learn more about kamasutra book summary with pictures ,

There is a complete dedicated part on sexual union in Kamasutra. It also describes the different kind of people as per their sexual strenght, and it is very important to know where exactaly you stand when it come to sexual performace or bedroom life, nothing to be ashamed about it, dosen’t matter if you are good or bad, the important things is once you know the reality you can work on it as per your requirement (or your partners).

In the next article we will talk about the different type of sexual union described in the Kamasutra book, union as per the penis size or the depth of Vagina, union as per the passion, union when male is suffering from premature ejaculation and more

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