4 easy steps to stop Masturbation habit

Are you also troubled because of your masturbation habit? You want to stop, but you are unable to control that urge? Do you want to know the solution to it? Do you wonder what the right treatment for this habit of masturbation is?

Here is the good news this article will help you to know and learn about masturbation so that if you really want to stop it, you can. It will answer all of your questions around this topic like Does masturbation cause premature ejaculation or shighrapatan? What ancient Kamasutra tells us about masturbation?

The first thing you need to understand is that treatment is required when there is a disease and masturbation is a normal part of human sexuality, and it’s completely normal in both cases, if you do it or if you don’t (That’s what doctors say and research shows) All of this confusion and trouble is happening because of the lack of right sex education in our system.

Even if you see the history of mankind, in ancient Kamasutra, sex is described into three different categories:

  1. Maithun - Normal penetrative sex
  2. Mukh maithun - Oral sex
  3. Hasth maithun - masturbation or self-pleasure

Now when you see closely it is called hasth-maithun not hasth-dosh, even our ancestors were aware of this normal act of self-pleasure.

So my dear friend if you are not addicted to the habit of fapping, then it is a normal process which majority of humans, especially males do and there is no need to be scared about, or feel guilty.

Even lot of studies suggest that masturbation is a great way to explore your body sexually and know your pleasure points, likes, and more (especially for females)

According to the data of NCBI, in India, around 46% of males and 13% of females do masturbate, and this is a survey of 2011, this number must have been increased drastically because the internet consumption is increasing way more and the access to porn is very easy nowadays and as we all know porn consumption increase masturbation frequency.

Now the big question is, why are we scared of this process of self-pleasure? Why is so much chaos around this topic? It comes from the baseless talks generally people do, and as we all are aware that there is almost no sex education in our society, we tend to believe such false things which we hear around and the list for such false assumptions is too long like- Masturbation affect hair, as it may lead to hair loss, Masturbation effects on kidney.

Masturbation cause Premature Ejaculation or erectile dysfunction

How to stop the habit of masturbation?

Now you know the real facts around this topic, so due to any reason if you want to quit the habit of fapping, you need to understand that the more you try to suppress your sexuality or sexual feelings, the more difficult it became for you to control, you will become miserable as you will try to control it, fight for this feeling to not masturbate and the body will not listen or act according to it, and after a certain time period you will lose the control and will do it again, and after that you gonna feel guilty, you gonna again promise yourself that you will not do it next time, and this cycle will repeat itself.

So what’s the solution? It’s pretty simple yet tricky when you try to do it. You have to eliminate the possible environment making things that leads to fapping or self-pleasure, you need to avoid the things which sexually arouse you, you need to separate yourself from all such things for example:

  1. Don’t consume such content which triggered the thought of sex
  2. Don’t be alone, try to be with someone, maybe a friend or a family member, because most people masturbate often when they are alone
  3. Start doing something fruitful, which keeps you busy, and channelize your energies in the right direction like some sport, yoga, or maybe meditation
  4. With strong willpower do the above three steps, and keep a mindset that you won’t masturbate and you will see these simple yet very effective steps are doing wonders in your life as well.

Now let me be honest with you, this is not going to be easy, as we humans find it difficult to change our habits and when it comes to sexuality it becomes even harder, but it is very much possible. You need to understand that the above-mentioned 4 steps have helped thousands of people in past and can surely work for you as well, just be patient, keep the will strong.

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